Do's and Dont's



Call AMIC immediately! Take pictures of the damage!  

Take pictures of the incident site!

Complete an incident report!

List witnesses & parties involved!

File police report (if necessary)!

Admit liability or pay for a claim yourself!

Put off filing a claim!

Disturb/alter the incident site!

Discuss confidential claims!

Make promises to claimants!

Forget to file required forms!

Take threats of claims lightly!


Handling a Claim:

When handling a claim, it is always critical for municipalities to proceed carefully. Above is a list of some of the important things to remember when you have an incident, injury or other loss.

Please advise the AMIC claims office of all incidents and/or events. Remember, you can call even if you only have a question.

Call toll-free 1-866-239-AMIC.


The above is intended to be a summary of coverage only. For specific details on coverage terms and conditions, please refer to the current Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation Coverage Document.